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    Colorpicker automatically resizing

      i found bugs on color picker.
      It some how resizing its size when i open a new window.
      when i set the width and height to fixed size, text in color picker become unrecognized.
      can someone tell me what's the problem?

      thank you
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          i found bugs on color picker.
          There are many bugs in the JavaFX 2.2 color picker, the quality of it was pretty awful.

          The Java 8 color picker should work much better.
          Try Java 8 and, if you still have issues that aren't tracked already, log bugs at: https://javafx-jira.kenai.com
          Java 8 is available here:

          You can also post some test code here (make sure it is complete and executable) and somebody can try to replicate your issues if you describe them well.