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    Deploying Plug-ins in EM Cloud Control 12c

    Prem Kumar

      I have installed OEM-CC 12c R2 ( on RHEL-5.5 (64-bit) on a virtual machine. OMS + OMR are installed on this machine. This VM doesn't have access to internet. I would like to deploy "Oracle Virtualization(OV)" plug-in to this vm. In order to achieve the same, I following these steps:


      I downloaded the p9348486_112000_Generic.zip by following the link from my OEMCC and copied that to OMS host and ran the following:

      ./emcli login -username=sysman

      ./emcli import_update_catalog -file="/u01/p9348486_112000_Generic.zip" -omslocal

      ./emcli import_update_catalog -file="/u01/p9348486_112000_Generic.zip" -host="emcc"

      I don't see the plug-in (Oracle Virtualization) under "Setup -> Extensibility -> Plug-ins page". However, when i click on "Check Updates -> Plug-in" on the same page, I see the plug-in with "Downloaded" state.

      This means, the OV plugin is downloaded by not "applied". When I select the OV plug-in on this page (Plug-in Updates), it takes me back to "Plug-ins page". Appreciate your help in this regard.