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    from adf, how to disable the link on the title column of bpm worklist

      I've a BPM process. I've one .jspx page in a seperate viewcontroler project application, where i've called the bpm tasklist-task-flow-definition taskflow region with proper parameter. everything is running fine.
      Now, in the security policy of the viewcontroler application, there is role that can view the list but would not be able to view the task detail. So, the link in the title column should be disabled based on the permission. Now, for all other roles that have view permission on the tasklist-task-flow-definition and not for the taslDetail-task-flow-definition taskflow, one error is showing stating that no view permission on the later. Through EL, in the showTaskDetailsPanel parameter of the prior taskflow region, is set checking if the taslDetail-task-flow-definition is viewable or not. Here also one error is coming as the modal-dialogotask-flow has not the view permission.

      In my opinion, this can only be solved if I can disable the link in the title column, so that it can not be clicked if there is no permission in taslDetail-task-flow-definition or modal-dialogotask-flow taskflows.

      I'm using JDeveloper

      Please suggest me a way.

      Thanks in advance.

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