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    OMS patch  post-install procedures fail


      It might be a long shot, but I have to ask for suggestions:

      Doing PSU7 upgrade on the OMS server (11.1 EMGControl) , the last step (after OPatch apply) is to have "apply.sql" run:

      $ORACLE_HOME/bin/rcuJDBCEngine sysman@17.no.cg.nms.mlb.inet:1521:GRIDREPO JDBC_SCRIPT apply.sql $PWD $ORACLE_HOME

      Please enter database password:
      A SQL Error occurred!
      Unable to connect to the database using the provided details.
      Please enter a valid hostname and port or check if the listener is up and running.[oracle@mn17 13711705]$ export ORACLE_HOME=/opt/oracle/11g/product/11.2.0/db_1

      I attempted dozen times setting the environment - ORACLE_HOME to OMS_HOME and all PATHs, server name , db name, etc - to no avail.

      Found a note on MOS that specifies a culprit such a cursor_ parameter, but related to 10.x ...

      So far no progress-> even uninstall is not possible as same story repeats - the rollback script fails the same way...