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    LoV opening error when migrating to https

      We have been migrating a JDeveloper application from an http:// address to a new https:// address, and have found an oddity with the behavior of lov objects. When in the old http:// application, the lov opens correctly with both IE and Firefox. But in the new https:// application, the lov opens in Firefox, but not in IE8. Since our standard (which cannot be changed) requires IE8, we are looking for a way to fix IE8 that does not involve changing browsers. The web application was developed in JDeveloper using JHeadstart

      The lov url has the format:
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          Steven Davelaar-Oracle
          Well, I don't think this is a JHeadstart issue.
          The ADF Faces version that comes with JDev is probably never tested against IE8, so you might be just stuck.
          A new browser with an old ADF Faces version might cause issues.

          Try the JDeveloper forum or Oracle support for help.

          Steven Davelaar,
          Jheadstart Team.
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            Peter K
            Oracle Support had a similar idea: upgrade to because it is certified for IE8 whereas is not.

            However, we edited the mod_osso.conf for that OC4J instance and added the following in the Location tag for the problem application:

            OssoSendCacheHeaders off

            The LOVs now appear in IE8 under HTTPS.

            Thanks for the input, Steven; you were of course right about this not being related to JHS. We'll keep the upgrade solution in mind in case of other unexplained problems with IE8.