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    Is anyone using SSL with 11G XE?


      Is anyone using SSL with 11G XE? The owm directory seems to be missing. Without it we can't create a wallet.
      Anyone know how to get past this?

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          Bas de Klerk

          For which traffic would you like to use SSL ?
          If you mean the webgui ( for example APEX ), the easiest way is to use a reverse proxy via apache ( SSL/https to the outside worl, http to apex ).
          There should be a way to use the wallet in XE ( I've seem cookbooks of that setup on internet ) but as far as I know the XE license does not allow you to use ssl....but still you should be able to set it up.
          For webtraffic I would use the reverse proxy approach which also has a lot of other benefits (caching, compression etc etc ).