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    Visibility of Entities in a Many-to-One Relationship

      Hi all,

      I've run into a rule structure issue that I am not sure how to resolve.

      I have "address" and "person" entities, and am looking to assign multiple persons to a single address, where each person should only have one address. I setup a screen collecting all persons, then a screen collecting all addresses, then a "Address Assignment" set of screens that run through each address and identify which persons live at that address.

      I created a visibility rule on this "Address Assignment" set of screens where once a person has been assigned to an address, they are removed from any additional screen in that set. However, when I return to any of those screens to change a previous answer, I do not have any persons to select from since they have all already been assigned.

      Can this be resolved? Should I instead look to use error messages that are displayed when the user selects someone that has already been assigned?

      Here's how I wrote the visibility rule (it uses a relationship between contacts and addresses that is defined as "the household members at address"):
      the person should be displayed on the address assignment screen if
      ForAllScope(the addresses)
      the contact is not a member of the contacts at address

      Thanks a bunch for your help!