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    OSB XQuery data transformation/Mapper best practices

      My osb need to call several other services , merge responses and call other services,...
      So there are quite a few data transformation ( using XQuery Mapper) that I have to addfor mapping elements in source schemas to elements in a target schema.

      I'm looking for best practices with regard to mapping request/response and/or xquery transformation ?

      I feel creating an Assign with xquery every every time I need to do a transformation ( normally before a service call) leads to a messy design,..
      Instead of creating an Assign with xquery all over the place would it be a good idea to have a proxy which it's task is to do transformation .
      That is; This helper proxy has the operation transform(fromRequestTypeName , toRequestTypeName , xmlload) and uses the right xquery transformation based on input params fromRequestTypeName and toRequestTypeName.

      appreciate your input