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    CalcDIM script take forever to run and it's getting worse


      I'm on Essbase 7.1.3

      Measure (Account) - Dense - Stored members 129
      Vintage - Dense - Stored members 34
      Market - Sparse - Stored members 9
      Time - Sparse - Stored members 43
      Division - Sparse - Stored members 172
      Prisma - Sparse - Stored members 312
      Blend - Sparse - Stored members 368
      Product - Sparse - Stored members 3794
      Scenario - Sparse - Stored members 6

      Block size (B) - 27216

      Data file cache setting 32768
      Data cache setting 3072
      Data cache current value 3056

      Calc script as below:

      Fix (BUD, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Time Generic)
      CALC DIM(Measure)
      AGG(Division, Product, Blend, Market, Prisma)

      CALC DIM(Measure)
      AGG(Division, Product, Blend, Market, Prisma)



      I have to run Calc DIM twice as the two pass hasn't been working. I need to Agg Time as this database is actually partition to another database where it required YTD balance replicate across.

      Please advise what can I can do to tune the database so the Calc run quicker. The amount of time taken to run the script has taken too long and hasn't been improved or at least remain.

      Let me know if further info is required.