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    Does ops center only support for Sun hardware ?

      Dear guys,

      I am researching for deploying Oracle ops center for monitor and manage the IT infrastructure. We have Sun, ibm, dell hardware and storage and we want to use Oracle ops center. But on matrix certification i found this.

      "Target server : supported target servers. Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center can perform server management tasks on many platforms. All Oracle/Sun servers with ILOM, ALOM, ELOM, XSCF, and RSC enabled service processors are supported. These servers represent the bulk of server equipment (V-series, X-series, T-series, and M-series) "

      and can not find any information for other hardware flatform supported on Ops center.

      Is that true, Oracle ops center only support for monitoring Oracle/Sun infrastructure ?

      So thanks and best regards
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          Mike Kirk
          On the OS side it doesn't care what the hardware is: if it's Solaris/OL/RHEL/SUSE it works with Oracle, Dell, HP, IBM etc - but that's for OS monitoring, patching, deploying software, reconfiguring networking, attaching storage etc. For hardware monitoring, upgrading firmware, and bare-iron OS provisioning it only talks to Oracle hardware (ALOM/ILOM/XSCF's etc).

          For things like OS provisioning it still gets you 99% of the way there: for example it could set up everything needed to pour an OS into a system, add some apps, then patch them... but you may need to login to your Dell DRAC or HP iLO (or VMware) to kick off that first netboot to get the ball rolling. If it was Oracle hardware then Ops Center also knows how to touch the ILOM/XSCF to kick off that first netboot for you so it's 100% automated.

          If you have Solaris SPARC or x86 you're going to need Ops Center for at least that kit - when you see what it can automate no other vendor comes close. The alternatives all seem to be a science-project of shell scripts....

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            Dear Mike,

            SO thanks for your answer, it clear things. :)