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    SOA testing tool


      Looking for the opinion on a testing tool for SOA application (BPEL process composit)

      I used OATS while doing load testing within EBS, not really sure if (or how) this will fit to test BPEL processes.

      Any ideas are welcome.

      Thank you
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          Default Weblogic EM console does provide with in-built testing functionality.
          Else, you can give a shot to "SOAPUI (http://www.soapui.org/)" tool.

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            Eric Elzinga
            we also use soapui tests for all the integration tests we create
            also have a look at soapuipro, lot's of nice functionality

            you can easily connect to the database to verify data, or call other webservices to verify if some save action really got saved, and by retrieving all the data you have several different activities to assert your data (groovy, assertions, etc)
            we also use some testing support database packages so we can easily trigger some situations we want to test

            for loadtesting we use loadui which will eventually use the soapui projects to generate the load, in loadui you can then create production-like situaties (different amount of calls for different services etc)