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    How to find initialization variables in workflow.

    Haq Nawaz
      Hi Gurus,

      Can some one please let me know where can i find the workflow initiator (initialization of parameters or variables) details/query. like who initiated the workflow in the workflow tables.

      your quick response will be highly appreciated.


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          Query for item type OEOL (OM Order Line) , You can replace with your item type.
           SELECT  wi.owner_role "started by"                                   ,
            TO_CHAR ( wi.begin_date , 'dd-mon-yyyy hh24:mi:ss' ) "started date" ,
            wav.display_name "process name"                                     ,
            wiavl.display_name "attribute name"  ,
            NVL ( wiav.text_value , wiav.number_value ) "attribute value"
              FROM wf_items wi            ,
            wf_activities_vl wav          ,
            wf_item_attribute_values wiav ,
            wf_item_attributes_vl wiavl
             WHERE wi.item_type = 'OEOL'
            AND wi.item_key     = '1382350859'
            AND wav.name        = wi.root_activity
            AND wav.version     = wi.root_activity_version
            AND wav.item_type   = wi.item_type
            AND wiav.item_type  = wi.item_type
            AND wi.item_key     = wiav.item_key
            AND wiavl.item_type = wi.item_type
            AND wiav.NAME       = wiavl.NAME;