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    No matter what, I cant get the Device Selector to become active in Netbeans

      This is totally frustrating. For the life of me, I cannot get the Device Selector to work

      On my Development machine
      I've installed all the prerequisites for Java ME SDK 3.3 EA (Early Access) using Raspberry Pi.
      Windows 7,
      Netbeans 7.3 full bundle with support for ME
      Jave ME SDK 3.3 preview

      The device address manager is set up
      the nb-me-sdk-plugins-uc plugins have all been installed
      the j2me platform has been installed under the "Java Platform Manager"
      the customer device editor has been set up to simulate my raspberry pi exactly as in the video below
      under Installed Plugins, Java ME is active

      On my Raspberry Pi
      Java ME 3.3 is on my Raspberry Pi
      I can run the testuser.sh program

      I'm trying to follow along on the Oracle video by Simon Ritter

      No matter what I do, I cannot get Tools->Java ME->Device Selector
      or Tools->Java ME->Active Device Manager to become active.

      I've spent the better part of the day trying to figure this out, and I've had no luck. What am I missing?


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          Alexander Burdukov-Oracle

          It seems there are some problems with your configuration.

          If these menus are disabled and you can see Java ME SDK 3.3 under Java Platforms Manager, it means that ME SDK could not start device manager.

          It can potentially happen if you uninstalled JDK used during ME SDK installation



          1. check if you can run emulator.exe from command line (<MESDK Installation>/bin/emulator.exe). In case of success you should see output with command line help.

          2. provide NetBeans and ME SDK logs

               1) %USERPROFILE%/AppData/Roaming/NetBeans/7.3/var/log/messages.log

               2) %USERPROFILE%/javame-sdk/3.3/log/device-manager.log


          Also, note that yesterday ME SDK 3.3 EA was updated. So, I suggest to download updated version (including plugins) and re-install it.

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            Hello Alexander,

            I also tried to install netbeans and Java Me, and got stuck on the same problem as Vinnie: the menu item `Device Selector` is grayed besides most other items in the same menu.

            The grayed menu items in menu Netbeans/Tools/Java ME are:

                      WMA Console,

                      Java ME SDK Update Center,

                      Custom Device Skin Creator

                      Active Device Manager


            The only one that is not grayed is: 'Device Database Search'.        


            I made sure the device_manager is running. You asked Vinnie to run emulator.exe  from the commandline. I did and it outputs the help instructions.


            I like to provide you with the log files, but how to do that? They are quite big! Dou you want me to paste the contens of the files in here?


            Thanks for giving it your time.