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    Dimension with header and lines information

      Hi Experts

      I am using Oracle 11g for database , Oracle Admin Tool for repository creation

      Source : EBS R12
      Target : OBIEE

      In EBS R12 , I have gathered information about inspection [Inspection is our customized form in EBS , In Inspection we contain information about Jobs , WorkOrder , Asset etc]

      Some Inspection form have header information only and Some Inspection form have header and line information as well [there is no measures]

      I have confused about Header and Lines data in dimension tables ! how can I handle with it?

      In All inspection form some fields are common in header information

      Ryte now I have broke into two tables
      1: Dimension [Header and Lines]
      2: Factless Fact Table [Contains only FK]

      I want how can I merge two dimensions for get common information about different inspections?

      and how can I handle the Lines data in dimension table?

      Please proposed the best technique

      Best Regards,