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    WebADI Custom Integrator KFF issue

    Mr S
      While defining a new table based custom integrator with key flexfeild for Accounting segments, the KFF is throwing an errror. Found a document and wanted to share to help others able to resolve this issue.

      Oracle Web Applications Desktop Integrator - Version: 12.1.3 and later [Release: 12.1 and later] Information in this document applies to any platform.
      On : 12.1.3 version, Desktop Integration Framework
      When attempting to upload data using custom integrator that use KFF, the following error occurs.

      Unable to perform column validation

      The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps:
      1. Create custom integrator
      2. Upload data
      3. The error occurs

      The issue has the following business impact:
      Due to this issue, users cannot upload data using custom integrator.
      Customer had KFF group created with the interface attribute LEDGER_SEGMENT mapped to SEGMENT1 and SEGMENT1 mapped SEGMENT2.. After correcting the KFF Group the user is able to upload the data properly.

      This is explained in the following bug:
      To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:

      1. Choose the Desktop Integration responsibility

      2. Select the Manage Integration and Create new integrator

      3. Provide the following information:
      Integrator Name, Internal Name
      Display in Create Document Page = checked
      Security rules:
      Add Desktop Integration - Create Document

      3. Click Next to Create the Interface

      4. Provide the following information:
      Interface Name
      Interface Type
      Package Name
      API Returns - This should be completed only if there is a function that return a value
      Click Apply

      5. Click Next - The interface will be created successfully

      6. Select the interface and the Interface attribute will display the KFF segments

      7. Please do the following:
      Click Add Attribute
      Provide the Attribute Name ( e.g. Account), Data type, Length,
      Checked: Displayed, Required
      Provide: Prompt Display ( e.g. Account)
      Save and Return to interface

      8. Change the Prompt Left column to the same values as on Attribute Name column

      9. Unchecked the Displayed column for all KFF segments

      10. For each Segment, click Update and Unchecked the Required (To be included in all layouts) and set the Prompt Above column to the same name as Segment name (e.g. Segment1X)
      The Validation type fields should be empty at this stage
      Click Save
      Repeat the steps for all KFF segments

      11. The "Required (To be included in all layouts)" check box should be checked for the concatenated field in the Flex field (e.g. Ledger segment)

      12. Click View Group
      The Interface group will be displayed
      Click Define Group button
      Provide the Group name (e.g. Account), Attribute Name (Parent) (e.g. Account), Validation Type (Parent) - Key Flex field

      The group validation Details
      Descriptive Flex Field - e.g Accounting Flex Field (search by Structure Title = Operations% in the LOV)
      Concat Segment Values - Yes
      Component Name = OA_FLEX_Component (Search by Component name with OA_FLEX% and select Web Application Desktop Integrator)

      Select Group Attributes
      Select all segments (only segments) and move to selected column
      Click Apply

      The group is created successfully
      Click Return to interface

      13. Click next and set as None for the content

      14. Click next to the uploader

      15. Select uploader = From Template

      16. Click Create button

      17. Click Submit button

      18. Click Create Layout

      19. Select Integrator

      20. Click Go Button

      21. Click Create button

      22. Fill the name of the layout and complete the layout definition

      23. Click Apply button

      24. Clear BNE cache (OA_HTML/BNEAdminServlet)

      25. The the integrator

      26. Retest the issue.

      27. Migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments.