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    oracle forms with sharepoint

      dear all,
      we are using oracle developer 10g with oracle database 10g on windows 2003 server.

      our organization is going to implement Microsoft Sharepoint 2013.
      they ask me to provide a report which contain information like
      1. could we accomodate our existing oracle forms builder's applications into it?
      2. how oracle forms will implemented with sharepoint?
      3. what other aspects we should keep in mind regarding oracle forms implementation with sharepoint?

      could anybody help?

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          Christian Erlinger
          That would entirely depend on

          1.) Your Forms Application
          2.) What features of Sharepoint you'd use
          3.) What you want to integrate of your forms application and sharepoint

          which are basically things we do not know. The only thing which comes to my mind would be LDAP, which would allow both forms and sharepoint to have the same login for each user. For everything else your question is way too general.

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            Andreas Weiden
            If the question is "How can we use Sharepoint instead of Forms?", i would say, you hardly can.

            Sharepoint is more or less a collaboration tool, Forms is an application-building tool.

            Just my 2 cent.
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              I don't think getting forms to interact with sharepoint sounds very easy. Forms only talks to oracle and I believe sharepoint only talks to sqlserver. So the only way the two could interact possibly could be with a link between oracle and sqlserver. Which would be?
              transparent gateway for sqlserver?

              I believe sharepoint can also create some data entry forms. don't know how easily it does them.