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    Connecting Access Databases remotely?

           Currently I have a Java application which performs all I wanted and the limitation
      in it is "It only resides on the Local machine for which it needs to work". I have the Access Databases located on a Remote Server and I install the Java app on the remote server to connect the databases using a connectionString "jdbc:odbc:DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=D:\\DATA\\DPPI\\DATA\\DPPI\\DPPIPR01.mdb";
           It connects to Access Databases and do all the bussiness logics with them.

      Enhancements (to be done):
                1. Making the application online - not a big issue.
                2. Connecting the databases remotely - its the only concern.
           So, if I make the Application Online the Access Databases need to be connecting through network (somewhat like ip or some web address).

           But after going through this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11388277/connect-to-access-database-remotely It seems my requirement can not be completed.
           Is there any way if I'm able to upload the database to the online web hosting server and access the database from there only? If yes, then how should I do the connectivity since Access Database connects by giving the fully qualified name containing drive letter and all.
           But how should I proceed further so that I may be able to connect the mdb Databases remotely?

      ADO Solution:
           But after going through the link:http://webcheatsheet.com/ASP/access_connection_strings.php, it seems we can perform remote Access Database connectivity.

           The solution for the ADO is something like:

      connectionString="Provider=MS Remote; Remote Server=http://your_remote_server_ip;" &_
           "Remote Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=c:\your_database_name.mdb"

      I'm a tad confused to how Access Database we can connect.

      One more question in my mind is:

      I'm making use of Type-1 Driver. Should the Type-4 Driver support remote login?

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