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    Forms 6i and Windows 8 64-bit

      Hi all.

      Are there any known issues using froms 6i on Windows 8 64-bit?.

      Other than this link: http://windows7bugs.wordpress.com/?s=6i+windows+8

      Any other feedback someone could provide ...?

      Regards, Luis ...:)

      Hi any feedback on this issue????

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          Well to start with, Forms 6 has been obsolete for several years and Win8 is basically brand new. Oracle never intended Forms/Reports 6 to work on Win7 or Win8 and especially not on a 64 bit version of them. It likely can be made to work on these new OSs, but I would not do production work in such an unsupported configuration as the probability of instability is quite high. If, for whatever reason, you are not able or willing to move to a newer Forms version, I would recommend using a virtual environment that is running XP to host your Forms 6 installation.
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            Hi Michael.

            I'm aware of 6i unsupported status for these new Windows releases... My box is Windows 7 64-bit, and a few tricks can make it work on this OS. Apparently this trick is not working on Windows 8.

            Just waiting to see if there is a workaround out there for the moment, and yes, we have plan to upgrade our application.

            Unfortunately this will come for a cost for some of our clients, and probably we'll lose some of them, since as you probably know, the Forms / Reports Middleware is not cheap....!

            Regards, Luis ...:)
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              since as you probably know, the Forms / Reports Middleware is not cheap....!
              I know that issue B-). None of our clients are willing to invest in Forms/Reports 11g and Weblogic. It's $$$$ while the 6i client/server runtime was free.
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                Yes... but some day you have to upgrade ....! For some countries this is big money.... :(

                Have you try 6i on Windows 8 64 bit?. Any success ...?
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                  Christian Erlinger
                  myluism wrote:
                  Yes... but some day you have to upgrade ....!
                  Well, not necessarily, there are other ways ]:)

                  I am running a legacy forms 6i application on windows 7 64 bit; this only worked with the latest Patchset. All in all installing Developer 6i on Windows 7 was less painful as installing 10g on the very same platform...

                  As Windows 8 should be binary compatible to Windows 7 there might be hope; however if you don't get it working with the latest Patches for Forms 6i then I guess you are out of luck.
                  But as has already been said this was never tested nor is Forms 6i so you seriously should think about if you want to run a desupported untested software combination in production.

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                    but some day you have to upgrade
                    We are not going to upgrade for sure. Even if one or two customers are willing to move to 11g, it will be too costly for us to do the upgrade and maintain 6i and 11g versions.

                    We are currently talking to our customers and it looks like they are willing to pay an extra fee to migrate the application to Apex.
                    If you have (most of) the business logic in the database already, this should not be so hard. Since Forms 6i is already old, the UI is usually not that complex.

                    I like one of the quotes of an Oracle customer migrating to Apex:
                    "... the conversion of our Social Housing application which will replace 3,500 Oracle Forms running at 100 clients worldwide, with a total of 15,000 end users managing circa 3,000,000 properties ..."
                    Consider this option, I would say.
                    For some countries this is big money.
                    For a country with a total population of 145,000 (i.e. my country) Weblogic is way too expensive for most companies indeed.
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                      There is a big difference between upgrading to 11g and migrating to Apex. Even if most of your stuff is on DB.

                      The project and knowledge required to upgrade to Apex or any other framework is something you really have to consider. Plus there are some limitations Apex have i don't like. For example multi - master detail. (grandfather- father - son). QBE, etc.

                      I see Apex more as a complement for Formsweb. Particularly on: Query Builder, Interactive Reports, Graphics, and more recently, mobile.

                      Regards, Luis ...:)
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                        Christian Erlinger
                        APEX is not the only framework out there; there are others. In the end it won't hurt if you put stuff on the database as you will have the benefit of using it from different client tools of your like. Of course moving away from forms means a rewrite. You have to weigh the up and downsides yourself.

                        You don't need to move away from forms if you don't see a need for it. However IMHO the installation type of forms 11g with 2 Managed weblogic Servers and one AdminServer running a total of 3 Servlets (plus EM and the weblogic console which are not needed 95% of time) and consuming a total of 3 GB memory makes it completely unusable for small to middle-sized installations. At least we have difficulties to explain to small customers why their application server needs to be twice as big as their database. And all this just because of weblogic which is basically bored as the whole work is done by the forms/reports runtimes which are seperate C-programs. And of course if you are running forms on windows you have the forms session limit imposed by the limitations of the desktop heap on windows platforms (read MOS note 187455.1) which makes the thinking of a "big" forms installation on one server also obsolete at least for windows platforms, and having forms and reports seperated in different managed server has basically no advantage.

                        So for planning the future of your application I guess you should consider this too. Because of the whole confusion middleware blah forms won't move away from weblogic even if it means breaking nuts with a sledgehammer, and as far as the installation type goes this won't change either (filed a enhancement request for a small impact installation with support which got rejected). If you are serving small to middle sized companies better think twice if forms is the correct tool to use.

                        Anyway; did you try with the latest patches for forms as mentioned earlier?

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                          Hi Christian.

                          I'm aware of other PL/SQL frameworks: FormsSpider and QAFE for example. Changing frameworks will cost some serious bucks. So far, the best tool, for us is still formsweb. Disk and RAM space is not a big issue in my opinion. They are quite cheap compare to licensing cost. So if you can put the database and FMW on the same box, you are safe...

                          But yes we might probably lose the small clients...

                          As for test with the last patch, haven't tested myself, but apparently it is not working....!

                          Regards, Luis ...:)
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                            Today 17.8.2013 I managed - works for me: Forms6i & R6i on Oracle 11XE 32 bit, Windows 8 64 bit.

                            1. Installation order: F6i & R6i, patch 18, DB 11XE

                            2. Login in forms builder & runtime works tnsnames.ora - equal content in files below :



                            3. C:\orant\BIN\NN60.dll 2.1.2001 instead  27.2.2004 (patch 18)

                                C:\orant\BIN\NNB60.dll 2.1.2001 instead  27.2.2004 (patch 18)

                                Older dll-s enable:
                                1. run report from form runtime (rep from fmx)

                                2. run form from forms builder (fmx from fmb)

                            4. I had to restart PC few times - after every installation.