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    MPCUI metadata only UI problems


      I've tried to develop metadata-driven UI.
      I met with the following issues:

      1) Target menu is missing. I just modified Home page, I need other pages "as is" in default plug-in.
      I tried to remove <MenuMetadata> section but to no success.I do not understand what should I place there.

      2) When I try <mp:BarChart id="memHist" width="100%" height="100%" dataProvider="{chrtReport}" interval="15" timePeriod="100" /> it refreshes every second (as it is REALTIME) I see lots of POST "SQLQuery" in Firebug.

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          1) Please refer to the demo_hostsample sample plug-in and the Programmer's Reference. In the sample plug-in you'll find a meta-data only implementation under mpcui/metadata/demo_hostsample_uimd_fullmd.xml. This shows how to structure the menu metadata. Also, once you modify this you'll need to update the plug-in and redeploy it. Please note, that in the case of changes to menu metadata, they are cached in the server, and therefore using "emctl register oms metadata" will NOT update the menu options. You will need to redeploy the plug-in to do this.

          2) This is a known issue with and has been fixed in and later.