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    FDM Data Protection does not work

      Hi experts,

      I am trying to implement FDM data protection. Here's the situation: In C4, we have 3 members - LSS, LSSGA, MI. I want to replace only the contents in LSS and preserve the manually entered data in LSSGA and MI members. When I enable data protection with <> "LSS", it works for once. There is a situation here where the data in LSS also gets modified occassionally. Following this, FDM Replace cannot replace the data in member LSS. Has anyone faced this issue before ?

      Else, how to enable protection for more than one values ?

      Any help is appreciated.

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          Out of the box data protection will only work on a single string. I'd actually question whether your original criteria will work as you want because LSS is not a unique string among the 3 custom4 members so LSS and LSSG will both get caught and replaced. To make data protection work for multiple values you would have to customise the Data Protection scripting in the adapter export action script.

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            You already have an issue from the details you have specified. If you are saving non 'LSS' records, i assume by setting the protection vaue as not equal to 'LSS', then it is going save the 'MI' records, but not the 'LSS' records AND the 'LSSGA' records (It will not save the LSSGA records because it includes the string 'LSS' and that is all the function looks for - it uses the VB Instr function.

            To save multiple strings from a single location would involve bespoke changes to the adaptor Export script, or revising your metadatanames so that changing the protection value string could cover multiple dimension names as you have with LSS and LSSGA.
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              Hi SH,

              Would you have an example of how this gets done within the export script ? I tried creating a new strProtection2 inorder to cater to the second string to be protected, but does not work. Any help is highly appreciated.
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                Solved. I solved it using the same logic, by adding the second member.