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    References and links

      I want to learn and understand about c and data structures and i am very new to it, can someone refer me to some good reference websites or books or articles from which i can undestand the object oriented concepts better and c along with it.Please also let me know how i can practice by downloading the c compiler on my pc installed with windows 8.
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          This forum is about C, C++, and Fortran programming in general, and about using the Oracle Solaris Studio suite of program development tools on Solaris and Linux in particular. This is not a good place to ask about Windows.

          A better place for general questions about C programming and where to get compilers would be newsgroup comp.lang.c or comp.lang.c.moderated. (The latter group filters out spam and conversations are more polite.) If you don't have a newsreader or access to netnews, you can search for the group name at groups.google.com and read and post messages that way.

          For recommendations of textbooks, a good source is
          On the left panel of the home page, click on "book reviews".

          If you are interested in object-oriented programming, C is not the best programming language for it. C has no direct support for object-oriented constructs. A better choice is C++, which is approximately a superset of C. C++ directly supports a variety of programming methods, including object-oriented programming.

          A good place to find out about C++ is
          See especially the "Get Started!" tab at the top.