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    E10K domain can't see new disks

      Hi all,

      I have a strange issue which I could not find a solution for. I recently moved couple disks to some domains, and all the domains could see the new disks using a simple devfsadm, but one of them. This particular domain has the same OS (Solaris 8), but I can't see the new disks from the OS. If I go to OBP and try the probe-scsi-all command, the new disks are there, I can see them... but once I boot, they are not seen by the OS. I have compared the packages, patches, modules, drivers and conf against one of the workable domains and have no difference. I though about drivers, but the domain already has disks from the same vendor than the new ones, which are working just fine... but the new ones are not being seen.

      I tried devfsadm/cfgadm, reconfigure reboot, etc... nothing seem to help on this one. Did you have a similar problem in the past that could help me on this? I have no more ideas to try :(

      Thanks in advance,