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    Hardware requirement for Fusion Applications HCM installation

      Hi Team,

      I want to install fusion applications for HCM.
      Can any one suggest the minimum hardware requirement for installation.
      Please help me with any documents.

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          Jani Rautiainen-Oracle
          The hardware requirements depend on the Fusion Application components installed and unfortunately there is no "one number" to give. In general if your goal is to install a complete FA instance to your local computer I do not think that is feasible. As stated on this [url https://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=2535236&tstart=0]thread:
          Are you trying to learn how to build extensions/customizations, or are you more looking at the usage/implementation of the Fusion Apps system? We customize/develop on much smaller machines every day, running JDeveloper, WLS, a database, ... but they only run the pieces of the techstack and applications that we need for a given task, and the Fusion Apps installer and install process just aren't designed to cater for a very selective deployment of components.
          For details on how to get started on customizations on development environment refer to the following posts:
          <li>[url https://blogs.oracle.com/fadevrel/entry/jdeveloper_and_fusion_applications_explained]JDeveloper and Fusion Applications Explained (Part 1)
          <li>[url https://blogs.oracle.com/fadevrel/entry/jdeveloper_and_fusion_applications_explained1]JDeveloper and Fusion Applications Explained (Part 2)
          <li>[url https://blogs.oracle.com/fadevrel/entry/jdeveloper_and_fusion_applications_explained2]JDeveloper and Fusion Applications Explained (Part 3)
          Jani Rautiainen
          Fusion Applications Developer Relations
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            Tushar Thakker
            Dear Chandra,

            Please note that Fusion Applications installation involves following components.

            1. Oracle Identity and Access Management components (Middleware infrastructure)
            2. Oracle Database for IDM
            3. Oracle Database for Fusion Apps
            4. Fusion Applications Domains (includes Admin and managed servers for Fusion Applications)

            I have posted a guide on installing Fusion applications on 2 node setup and if you have sufficient hardware to host 2 VMs then it can be done on single server as well.


            This will explain the 2 node architecture which I have prepared.

            The minimum memory requirement changes if you select more products since in Fusion apps each products have their own domain and if you select more products then there will be more application managed servers (even if you don't select a product family, it will still create some managed weblogic servers based on dependency with selected products)

            The minimum memory requirement to host IDM and consolidated DB in 1 node is 10-12 GB
            The minimum memory requirement to host Fusion Applications domains on 2nd node is 64 GB (for 1 product family, for all products selected then 128 GB)

            Please note that these are "minimum" requirements based on my experience, not as per the documents since what we are talking about is installing for "learning", not for production, where you will host various components in separate nodes.

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              Thank you Tushar for your replay.
              your blog is very much help full for our installation.
              will update you if we face any issues while installation.

              Please send your personal email id to chandra.ganji@gmail.com