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    Backup/Restore VM Manager (3.2.3) with new machine

      Dear All Experts,

      I try to backup from old manager configuration file to new manager machine as below:

      $exp ovs/Heng123456 grants=y compress=y file=/tmp/ovsbackup.dmp

      Then I try to restore this backup file on new manager as below:
      drop user ovs cascade;
      create user ovs identified by Heng123456;
      grant connect, resource to ovs;
      $imp ovs/Heng123456 file=/tmp/ovsbackup.dmp full=y
      # service ovmm start

      I try and cannot access to manager from browser.

      Please kindly give advice or share your experience.

      Thanks and regards,
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          Bjoern Rost
          OVM manager 3.2 uses mySQL and not Oracle as the database backend storage, so that may be why the 3.2.3 version is not using your oracle database schema. The upgrade guide has some information on how to migrate from an older version of OVM manager (with Oracle SE or Oracle EE as database backends) to 3.2 and mysql
          There is no provision for upgrading releases where an Oracle Database XE has been used as a backend repository for Oracle VM Manager. Oracle VM Manager no longer supports Oracle Database XE as a > backend repository and there is no way to migrate to the new MySQL database backend supported in Oracle VM 3.2.1. If you are willing to migrate your Oracle Database XE to a supported Oracle Database such as Oracle Database SE or Oracle Database EE, you will be able to perform an upgrade using the Custom installation process.

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            Dear Bjoern,

            I try it again and get successfully.

            Thanks and regards,