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    Instant client - compatibility

      I'd like to try the OCI thick-client option to get around some irritations I've encountered with the thin client (cancelling queries, large data sets). So far I've not found a version that works. The only advice I've found is to use a more recent version than my DB, and to use 64 bit as I'm on a 64 bit machine. I've tried 4 different instant client installs, including the most recent ( and I don't have time to try them all. The highest version caused SQL Dev to crash completely! With lower versions I get:
      An error was encountered performing the requested operation: oracle.jdbc.driver.T2CConnection.getLibraryVersionNumber()I Vendor code 0

      Could someone point me to a matrix of tested/supported versions?

      My SQL Dev version:, Database versions vary between 9i and 10g
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          How many Instant clients do you have 'installed' on your machine now?

          Generally speaking, you'll want to match the bit level to your OS, and use a version that is at least as high as the version of the database you'll be working with.

          Make sure the version you want SQL Developer to use is the first one listed in your OS Path environment variable - or some people actually install the client directly to their SQL Developer/bin directory - not necessary, but a nice 'lazy' solution...until you upgrade of course.
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            I do suspect yours is not a problem of compatibility between SQLDeveloper and instant client, but with the ojdbc6.jar file shipped with SQLDeveloper and the instant client.

            You should try to set an ORACLE_HOME variable pointing to your most recent instant client installation, this way SQLDeveloper should be able to pick up the correct ojdbc6.jar shipped with your instant client of choice.

            You can check the currently selected ojdbc6.jar by lookin at the property
            Help -> About -> Properties
            Obviously the instant client you point to should be of the same "bit level" of the SQLDeveloper installation as Jeff already pointed out.
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              Thanks Irian - I copied the OJDBC library to the SQL Dev location specified to test your theory and that stopped the error messages. I don't have the option to reset password, but will see if this resolves the issues I've been noticing.

              Thanks both,