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    copy image item

      Hi all
      how can I copy an image item to other image item?
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          François Degrelle

          Did you try the copy_region() and paste_region() built-ins ?

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            I did not realy! is it usefull for images?
            I wil try anyway
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              It's like copy-paste. It uses the clipboard. The user will need to select a region first.

              Why do you need this functionality? Depending on the answer, you can also consider:
              - Using Synchronize with Item if the image is always copied.
              - Using SQL to copy a blob column to another blob column (I can't imagine why you would need that).

              One more thing: copy_region makes the copy look horrible (in Forms 6i anyway).

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                Thank you very much
                I need it for a dental clinic project, that needs the user to press on a tooth pic. then this pic should be stored in a patient file.
                The synchroniszation is not applicable here. I am using forms 6I
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                  So, the tooth pics are already in the database? In that case only have to assign the pic to a patient (foreign key from pic to patient). No need to copy the pic to anywhere.
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                    the idea that the pic color changes regading the situiation of the tooth(this other problem I face). For main complain the tooth pic should be stored in red color, while it is under treatment it shoukd be stored in yellow color, and last when recovered then stored in green color, with treatement date each time the teeth is processed!
                    so also I need a code that changes the color instead dealing with for colors(red,yellow,green and white-the orgignal color of the tooth)
                    Thanks for your ireply