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    Error during OLAP AW UPDATE

      Hi am using awm11. while trying to save a cube am getting the below error
      The transaction is not committable: "An error has occurred on the server
      Error class: Express Failure
      Server error descriptions:
      DPR: cannot create server cursor, Generic at TxsOqDefinitionManager::generic<CommitRoot>
      INI: XOQ-00703: error executing OLAP DML command "(UPDATE CRM4ATM.CRM4INFO : ORA-37605: error during OLAP AW UPDATE
      ORA-02289: sequence does not exist
      )", Generic at TxsOqAWManager::executeCommand
           at oracle.olapi.transaction.BaseTransaction.commit(Unknown Source)
           at oracle.olapi.transaction.BaseTransactionProvider.commitCurrentTransaction(Unknown Source)


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          Which version of the database are you using? Was it a fresh database install or an upgrade of a previous version? (e.g. upgraded to

          Try the following:

          (1) Connect using AWM and open your AW.
          (2) Select "OLAP Worksheet from the Tools menu or AWM. A new window should open.
          (3) Select "SQL Mode" from the Options menu in OLAP Worksheet.
          (4) Execute the following two commands.

          alter session set events='2289 trace name errorstack';
          alter session set tracefile_identifier = olap_forum;

          (5) Attempt your operation in AWM again to get the ORA-02289 error. (E.g. a change to the cube.)

          There should now be a trace file whose name contains the substring OLAP_FORUM on the server.

          You can find the location for trace files by running the following as DBA in SQL*Plus:

          {code}show parameter user_dump_dest{code}

          If all goes well, then trace file should contain a stack trace of the ORA-02289 error. You can paste it here, or, better, open a service request and upload the trace file there.