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      Question about Review Status, is Submitted or Published greater than equal RL2, or does the logic only goes to RL10 and other would fail ?

      If HS.ReviewStatus("S#Plan")=> "Review Level 2"

      or should it be

      If HS.ReviewStatus("S#Plan")=> "Review Level 2" or HS.ReviewStatus("S#Plan") = "Submitted" or HS.ReviewStatus("S#Plan") = "Published"

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          What you're actually writing with the => statement is asking if it comes alphabetically afterwards. The HS.ReviewStatus function returns a text string. To put it another way, you may as well be asking about "Bat", "Cat", and "Dog"

          "Cat" => "Bat" because it comes afterwards alphabetically. When you use the "Review Level 2" string, "Review Level 3" is => "Review Level 2" simply because when viewed as a single string, they're the same until you get to the last character, so then 3 > 2.

          So, with that being said, alphabetically, the order goes like this:

          "Not Started"
          "Review Level 1"
          "Review Level 2"
          "Review Level 3"

          Since that doesn't really make sense from an HFM perspective, you should definitely use the second approach. I wouldn't use the ">" sign at all personally since it just leaves it open to risk. But for what you're doing, it doesn't actually hurt here.
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            Jeo, thanks for the info.

            i modified the rule to include submitted/published and i get the results i wanted
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              THanks for the help