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    HFM version stability..?


      We are upgrading from HFM and have a choice of upgrading to either or We ideally want to upgrade to as there are no major changes in architecture. Is fairly stable? Which one would people recommend? Do you have any issues with regards to Premier support from Oracle on

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          I am a HFM consultant and have worked on both and

          For, I think it is quite stable. We have already gotten success on many projects.

          For, it is a new version last year. There are some changes when do configuration. You need to be very careful at the installation. But for the application itself, I think it is also stable.
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            Erich Ranz
            I've been working in continuously for over 9 months now and really like it. just came out and it has a few improvements from that I think are pretty cool as well...the main one being the ability to migrate data as an LCM artifact. The other is the ability to view FR reports via mobile devices. One thing about both of these versions is that there's a chance premiere support will be extended from 2015 to 2017. The other thing to consider is's likely (via patch) support for other products such as IE10, Windows 8, Office 2013, and Windows Server 2012. Going to one of these newer versions might result in some savings in the long run.
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              Thanks James & Erich for the update. Its really useful and does clear some doubts.

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