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    Thread Bar Issue 8.1


      We are having a problem with the thread bar in 8.1,
      in 8.0 we had a user that navigates client-> product> activity (And the thread bar works good) then he clicked a button that navigates to another view from another screen (gotoview method) and the thread bar stays running good (you can click the name of the client in the thread bar of the new screen)

      when we migrate this to 8.1 we saw that the thread bar is ok until you press the button (gotoview method), it navigates and then you lose the thread bar (in dissapear, and it has no value).

      we checked the destination view of the goto view method, and we compared the sif and it has no change at all.

      so if you can help us it will be great:
      we have checked the button and it has the same code, and the destination view has the same values for the thread related fields in tools.
      its there any other object that can be giving us this problem?
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          I've the same issue and solved it by using 1 of the following solutions:

          1. Search spec on the business component and then performing GotoView.
          2. Invoking mehtod DrillDown via eScript or named method instead of gotoview.
          3. Invoking DrillDownToView method via eScript or named method instead of gotoview.