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    Smart view refresh versus Excel Retrieve

      Good morning
      we are currently converting our users from the old Excel essbase add-in to the new Smartview. We are having issues with some of our users when converting. Some of them were creating retrieves in their excel tabs, HIGHLIGHTING a section, doing their retrieves. This allowed them to keep any non essbase verbage they had on their spreadsheet (so they would not get the retrieve error messages). It appears with Smartview, that you cannot do this as highlighting a section now tells it you want to log into multiple cubes. Can anyone verify for me that highlighting and retrieving in smartview is no longer allowed?
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          Celvin Kattookaran
          Highlight and retrieve is not possible in SmartView. For the non essbase comments you can check "Preserve formulas and Comments in ad-hoc operations" in SmartView options.


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            What version of SmartView are you using? It should be at lease There is a video on new features that were introduced in this version -


            The video clearly demonstrates highlighting and retrieving.

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              Celvin Kattookaran
              Prashanth, I think I definitely missed the part where it shows highlight and retrieving (I could see the multi grid, however that is not what highlight and retrieve is)

              Consider this scenario

              I've an excel sheet which goes from A1:D13 (that is my used range)

              Are you saying that I can highlight a1:d6 and perform a retrieve and Smart View will only pull a1:d6? (which is not the case in, it refreshes full sheet)