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    Need help with PO Close Program (closing blanket releases)

      I need help with the po close program. Currently we are using the PO_ACTIONS.CLOSE_PO to close blanket releases.

      l_close_status :=
      PO_ACTIONS.CLOSE_PO (p_docid => po_rec.po_header_id,
      p_doctyp => 'PA',
      p_docsubtyp => 'BLANKET',
      p_lineid => NULL,
      p_shipid => NULL,
      p_action => 'FINALLY CLOSE',
      p_return_code => l_return_code,
      p_auto_close => 'N',
      p_action_date => SYSDATE);

      The above program final closes the Blanket PO (‘Finally Closed’) at the header level and all the releases are in ‘Closed’ status. Is it possible to have the release status to ‘Finally Closed’ instead of ‘Closed’ status?

      Thank you very much for your time and consideration.