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    System wide form entry?


      It has been a long time since I have been developing with Java and have visited the forums here. A request from a friend has brought me back to consider Java for a solution:

      The scenario is this:

      User does hundreds of parallel searches a day for text strings copied from a source, employing various applications:

      Windows X1 search 8 desktop search tool (local computer files)
      Various applications with their own search function
      Internet - Firefox with its own search function

      Currently, in order to search using all of these utilities, he has to manually focus each utility/app, paste in his search query, and initiate the search.

      What he would like is, at minimum, a one-operation paste of the copied text into all of the search forms.
      Of course, any additional functionality such as initiating the search for each app would be a plus.

      I would appreciate hearing any knowledge that would be helpful in implementing or researching this, to any degree of breadth or depth.

      Administrator, if I have misplaced this request, please move to the appropriate forum.

      Thank you,

      Allasso Travesser