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    Perforamance comparison of various available Berkeley DB versions

      Hi All,

      I am currently using Berkeley DB 4.5.20 in my project for message storage. It is handling 1500 messages/sec. I want to improve the performance to 3000 messages/sec.

      I have tried to check the change logs for all the latest and available versions of Berkeley DB. I am not able to find any significant information that talks about the performance enhancement in the Berkeley DB with respect to processing and optimization of existing algorithms.

      If someone is using Berkeley DB for similar kind of usage or has data that explains performance comparison between Berkeley DB 4.5.20 and all latest versions available. Please share.

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          Hi Rahul,

          We don't have performance comparisons for the various versions of Berkeley DB. As a general statement, we work on performance projects in each new release of Berkeley DB. However, it is difficult to say whether you'll get a 2X performance improvement for your workload simply by upgrading the BDB version.

          Having said that, I'd definitely recommend that
          a) you upgrade to the latest release at the earliest convenient opportunity. We've added many new features and enhancements since BDB 4.5.
          b) you look into optimizing your existing Berkeley DB configuration and application. Quite often, we find that performance can be improved significantly as a result. We're happy to help with that, but we'll need a lot more detail about your app and set up. My suggestion is that you spend some time analyzing and tuning the application and then post your questions to the forum.

          Hope this helps.
          Thanks and warm regards.