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    Menu Position Changed after upgrade from Forms 10 to 11


      I have upgraded an application from Forms 10 to 11g. Everything is ok apart from the position of the menus.

      In Forms 10 the menus are attached to the window they relate to e.g. a pop up form has the menu (normally default&smartbar) displaying at the top of the pop up window but on the 11g version the same menu is displayed at the top of the screen looking like it is attached to the MDI window.

      Is there any way of restoring the original functionality in 11g please.


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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          It sounds like this has nothing to do with the version, but rather your configuration. To attach the menu to the form window, set useSDI=yes. To attach it to the MDI window, set useSDI=no or leave it unset. This parameter can be set in formsweb.cfg or in the url used to run the form. For example:


          Note that useSDI is a Forms runtime parameter and not an applet parameter, so it is set through "otherparams".