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    Netra 240 CPU Temp thresholds

      Hi All,

      We've recently had a Netra 240 motherboard replaced with PN 375-3325 and the thresholds for the CPU temp has changed to
      lower thresholds.

      They used to be:
      MB.P0.T_CORE OK 49 -- -- -- 110 115 118
      MB.P1.T_CORE OK 45 -- -- -- 110 115 118

      but now showing as:
      MB.P0.T_CORE OK 37 -- -- -- 84 89 96
      MB.P1.T_CORE OK 30 -- -- -- 84 89 96

      Does anybody know if these can be changed? or can anyone offer some insight to the reason behind the different thresholds?

      Its not a big issue as the temps are currently way off the thresholds but I'm just curious why the thresholds would change
      when the motherboard was swapped like for like (375-3325)

      Any info would be much appreciated so I can decide whether to get the motherboard replaced again.

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          The thresholds cannot be changed. They are hard coded into the circuitry of the systemboard.
          the motherboard was swapped like for like (375-3325)
          There may have been a design change that was imparted into the manufacture of those parts. The lower thresholds (as you can appreciate) give a tighter tolerance for high temperatures. A very strict tolerance but 96C is still a hot shutdown limit for a CPU module.

          If you can find the time and take the cover off the box, try to find the paper sticker that is on the new board. Find that part number of 375-3325 and then take note of the very next two numerical digits after that --> 375-3325-xx

          Those digits represent the manufacturing revisions on the design of the part.

          It is likely too late to examine the old board, but it probably was an older revision.
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            Thanks for the input rukbat, The boards were both 375-3325-04 Rev:50 so I'm not sure why the thresholds have changed.

            My only reasoning for it is that this Part Number goes into both V240's and Netra 240's so I'm guessing the lower threshold is for the
            V240 and the higher threshold for the Netra 240 (as they are more robust)

            So maybe the board I have is meant for a V240, just seems strange that they have the same PN though.

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              The boards will go into a V210 as well.
              The V210 system is a 1U version of the V240.

              Your replacement part board might happen to have a newer firmware version.
              Firmware code might be able to effect such a setting, but (again) that sort of thing isn't user-configurable.