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    OCR create keys failed, OCR error 27.

      On windows 2003 Server EE 32-bit, trying to reinstall ASM after an error creating the instance. I've got the following error:

      C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>localconfig.bat reset
      Step 1: stopping local CSS stack
      Step 2: deleting OCR repository
      Step 3: creating new OCR repository
      Successfully accumulated necessary OCR keys.
      Creating OCR keys for user '', privgrp ''..
      OCR create keys failed, OCR error 27.
      clscfg failures to initialize ocr with ret(27)
      failed to create new OCR repository

      I've tried "localconfig.bat add" and the "ocalconfig.bat delete" and run into the same problem.

      The strange thing is that the very first attempt to create the ASM instance I've run successfuly the localconfig.bat and the it showed:
      "Creating OCR keys for user 'Administrator', privgrp ''.."

      So it created the keys for the Administrator user. Now, running with the same Administrator user it seems that Oracle cannot get the user name and it shows '' for user.

      Has someone experienced such a problem?

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