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    Connecting from other machine

      I have installed Oracle XE 11.2 on a windows 2008 server. I am unable to connect to this database from a client machine. Tried simple connection from SQL developer, and TNS from sql plus. I am getting the following error:

      Status : Failure -Test failed: IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection

      I have the listener on port 1526 and Application express on 9093. I am able to connect to APEX from the client machines with no issues. Its the database I am unable to connect. I can connect to the database from the host machine (server) but not from any clients.

      Please help / advice....

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          Could be the firewall blocking 1526, if its an actual network error. Is there a TNS error number?

          Maybe -12505 listener does not currently know of SID ... or -12514 listener does not currently know of service requested ... ? If the database listener is not on the default 1521 port the local_listener parameter should be set to point the instance at the listener. On the database host make sure the database service has registered, should have both the "xe" and "xexdb" services showing in a lsnrctl services listing.

          If the apex web page is working for remote clients, but not database connects, still could be a firewall block.

          The telnet utility can reveal if a port is blocked, in a command box try `telnet <host> 1526` from any remote host. If the port isn't blocked it should behave like a command box lockup. Then again, if the client is win 8, may not even have telnet, its optional.