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    ethernet ports jumbled up

      sun x2100 M2 server with centos 6.4 64 bit server install
      There are four ethernet ports on the back of this server, eth0, eth1, eth2 and eth3. I've just done a clean install of centos 6.4 and I during the install I configured eth0 to have an ip address but that ip only works if I connect the cable to port eth3 on the server. If I do ifconfig the console shows eth0 as having the ip. Why are the ports jumbled up? is there a way to clean this?
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          Padmaraj Pj-Oracle
          Hello ,

          Reading the Problem description, this looks to be a known issue. On a limited number of early Sun Fire X2100 M2 systems the NVidia MAC addresses were installed in a reverse numbering order.
          This reversed numbering has no effect on system performance or Ethernet functionality. However this problem could potentially confuse an operator into mistakenly reconfiguring the wrong Ethernet interface when performing a service action.

          A utility to fix this issue is included in the latests versions of the "tools & drivers" cd available for download on the MOS site. The latest Patch 10363259: X2100 M2 SW 1.8.0 - Tools_Drivers ( this is a Zipped ISO )

          To run the utility and fix the MAC addresses boot the cdrom and choose option 4 from the menu to "Exit to DOS"
          the utility is in the MAC_FRU folder, to reprogram the FRU ID PROM run NVIDIA.exe
          once the utility is done remove the CDROM and reboot the server.

          You will need MOS access to download the Patch.