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    jar files in $ORACLE_HOME/forms/java

      What would be the reason for jar files in $ORACLE_HOME/forms/java not visible/downloadable in the browser?
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          carlos cortez

          I think you should also add the new jar file in the corresponding configuration in formsweb.cfg, something like:
          Try with it, and let us know :)

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            Adding onto Carlos's answer, I would also restart your WLS_FORMS WebLogic server if using 11g (or OC4J if using 10g) as cache can be built up in the server/agent. After ensuring that the jar file is in $ORACLE_HOME/forms/java (and there aren't any GIFs or JPGs that are in the same location which are contained in a jar file), they are deployed in the archive parameter in formsweb.cfg, and WLS_FORMS (11g) or OC4J (10g) are restarted, you should be able to see your jar files in the browser. For more information about deploying jar files in Forms, you may refer to this knowledge base article: http://pitss.com/us/2012/10/11/using-and-deploying-icon-jar-files-on-11g-weblogic-forms-server/