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    Help - Subtypes created incorrectly as types in 11G R2 XE

      I'm trying to determine why subtype creation is not working in 11G R2 XE, while it works in 11G R2 EE.
      Environment is XE on Windows 7 X64 (yes, not supported but I don't have anywhere else to try this).

      Here is a test case, using the SYSTEM account as that is what the developers use (yes, terrible practice) :

      -- this works, creates the type
      CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE [schema].prod_type AS OBJECT (
      pid INT,
      pprice NUMBER,
      MEMBER PROCEDURE display(pid IN NUMBER))

      -- subtype
      -- this doesn't work, it creates the type "deal_type" separately

      CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE [schema].deal_type UNDER prod_type (
      ctr NUMBER

      I've tried adding the schema name after UNDER, e.g. UNDER [schema].prod_type with the same result.