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    Help with scan paper


      i'm working with oracle database 11g , oracle forms 10g
      i would like to create a button on form when button press scan paper from the scanner directly

      any tips please

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          help plz :)
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            There is no out-of-the-box support for your request. You have two choices :

            1. If the scanner is connected to your client pc then you could use some scanner client program (probably shiped with scanner machine) to be able to scan. So the only concern is to call out for a client host command (probably the easiest way is to use webutil)
            2. If the scanner is accessible only from network then :
            2.1 write your own java bean to communicate with the scanner either using twain or sane protocol
            2.2 use an existing one (ex. http://www.longbridge.biz/ImageFileManagerBean_TV.zip). Btw this one is proprietary, if you do some google search I am believe you could find others.

            Best regards

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