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    All Image appear as the same in interactive report..APEX 4.2.

      Hi, i worked with oracle apex 4.2.2 ,window 7,theme 25

      i have faced the problem when i create interactive report with BLOB column ,i create sample report and i used GET_BLOB_FILE_SRC Function to show the image in report but i face these problems
      1- the images don't appear when i run the report and all images are blank
      2- i must press edit on any column and go to edit page then back to report again and the image appear
      3- all record have the same image ( the image with id which i pressed )
      i mean when i pressed the record with ID 1 and go to edit page and then back to report the image with ID 1 appear in all record in report ,and when change the id the same issue appear . i don't know what the problem .
      pls advice me