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    How to find OAS installed edition?

      Good Day,

      I do administration work on two Oracle Application Server machines. They were installed and configured before I started working here. I'm trying to find out which version and edition was installed at the beginning. I already found the version number for each of the installations on the server (2 versions on each one), but so far I have been unable to find the exact edition of them. According to the old documentation here, one of the server has OAS 9i Enterprise edition and OAS 10gR2 Enterprise edition as well. On the other server I suppose I have the same versions because I see almost the same list of components, the only difference is that I have newer versions. Is there any way to confirm the Edition information?

      Server 1:
      Oracle 9iAS R2
      Oracle 10g R2

      Server 2:
      Oracle 10g R2
      Oracle 10g R3

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          Erik Janssen-Oracle
          The command 'opatch lsinventory -details' will provide a list of components installed within a specific ORACLE_HOME. You could also consider to run the RDA tool on all environments, that will get you a wealth of info.

          Looking at the versions it seems that server1 has a AS 10g enterprise edition installed with an older 9iAS install (most likely to run Java servlets as 9.0.3 did not include other components such as Portal, Forms etc.)
          The same thing is true for server2, the 10g R3 release was a Java only edition, no Forms/Reports/Disco/Portal.

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            Hi Erik,

            You are right, it seems like there is no way of actually getting a banner telling the exact edition, but as you say, one must deduct it from the products and options installed.