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    TNS:Could not resolve the service name for VB application.


      I had developed in one package in VB6 and installed in my local machine and it works well.

      But, when i'm installing in cleint machine, it's giving error as "ORA-12154:TNS:Could not resolve the service name".

      For this application needs oracle 9i clent version to connect database and I have installed in my client machine as well and added the TNS entries whatever i have in my machine.

      I could able to connect oracle 9i (sqlplus) to corresponding server. But, when i'm clicking .exe it saying "TNS:Could not resolve the service ".

      Could you please advise me on this ?

      Why i'm getting in my cleint machine only ?
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          gdarling - oracle
          I can't tell if you added another Oracle client home for your vb app, or if you're using the existing 9i home.

          The usual suspect here is multiple homes and TNSNames.ora are not shared across Oracle client homes. You need to either add the entry in each home, or set TNS_ADMIN environment variable to the folder you want clients to pick up the files from. Maybe TNS_ADMIN is already set on the problem machine, and therefore not using the tnsnames.ora you think it is?

          Also, less likely, but names.default_domain in sqlnet.ora can muddy things up. If it's set to "world" for example, then your app would need to use alias.world to connect.