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    Curious decimal places after data import in flow account


      Hi all,

      we have a curious phenomenon and i hope that someone can explain why this happened in our hfm application.
      We have a datafile and load data to a base account with the account type flow.
      Within this file there are values like 14,5 (our decimal delimiter is "," and we changed it in user preferences from "." to ",").

      The dataload works fine with no errors but if we look in the data grid we see a value like 14,499999999999.
      The decimal places attribute is set to 2 in account attributes and the account is associated to custom 1 dimension.

      If it was an calculated account i would search for reasons in our rule file but this is a base account.
      So i think the value wich is load must be shown in data grid and returned in smart view.

      Our HFM version is

      Many thanks in advance for every idea to resolve this issue.