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    how to add or subtract in FDM


      I am developing a FDM application and I am quite new to it. Need a help on one of the operation that I need to do in FDM.

      Source: ESSBASE ASO application
      Target: ESSBASE BSO applcation.

      I will be getting file from ASO cube which contains data corresponding to different Management entities.
      Now I have to load this data to a BSO cube after performing some operations in FDM ..eg. I am required to add up data corresponding to few Management Entities and than load it to BSO cube by applying some mappings. In another scneriao I am required to subtract the data corresponding to two management entities and than load it to BSO cube. there are 10-12 different cases like this in the file.

      Would appriciate your help on this. How this can be achieved?