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    Link between queries

      I have 2 cursor queries:
           <sqlStatement name="Q_1"><![CDATA[
                select XX_PACKAGE_PKG.Header_Data (:p_invoice_num_from, :p_invoice_num_to, :p_invoice_date_from, :p_invoice_date_to, :p_customer_name) from dual
           <sqlStatement name="Q_2"><![CDATA[
                select XX_PACKAGE_PKG.Lines_Data(:CUSTOMER_TRX_ID) from dual

      First statement returning customer_trx_id which is parameter in second statement.
      In data output I have always the same lines for every invoice.
      To function XX_PACKAGE_PKG.Lines_Data always is setting customer_trx_id from first printing invoice.
      I don't now why this run in this way.

      Thanks for any help.