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    BI publisher web service dynamic datasource error

      I'm requesting a report using web services. I would like to be able to set my datasource dynamically at the time of the request.

      At the moment all the possible datasources have been set up on the server. If I request a report, using the default datasource that is set in the data model, the report returns without error. If I try to set the data source at request time to any source(can even be the default) I get an error:

      oracle.xdo.webservice.exception.OperationFailedException: PublicReportService::generateReport for reportAbsolutePath [myreports/myreport.xdo] failed: due to oracle.xdo.XDOException: oracle.xdo.XDOException: There is no connection set...

      The bip user requesting the report is not an admin. Does the user have to have the admin role to dynaically change data sources? I guess I was assuming if a data source is already set up on the server any user that has permission to use that data source could switch to it. There is also the possiblity that a new data source is being created even though it already exists in which case the user would need to be an admin. Not sure whats going on. No clear documentation on this that I can find.