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    RemoteOperationException:ERROR:Wrong Password for User


      I installed Oracle 10g database on Windows 2000 Professional.

      When I point my browser to http://hostname:portnumber/em, Enterprise Manager displays the "Startup and Perform Recovery" page. When I click the "Startup" button, I was sent to a page which asks for "host" and "target database" login usernames and passwords.

      In the host credentials I typed-in the Administrator username and passwords which I used to login to this Win2000 Server. In the Database credentials, I typed-in the sys (as sysdba) username and passwords which I used to manage my database using sqlplus.

      But when I clicked the "ok" button in this page, I was sent back on the same page with an error message on top "RemoteOperationException:ERROR:Wrong Password for User".

      Did I miss something? Please help. Thanks.
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